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Busy Bee Real Meals focuses on whole, unprocessed foods paired with a variety of fruits and vegetables.


Most of the produce originates from Premier Produce One, an Ohio-based distributor committed to bringing both local farms and chefs together.


We purchase ground beef and beef roasts from Brent Family Farm in Kentucky; a grass-fed, hormone and antibiotic-free farm and also a family friend!


My goal is to continually expand my list of buying high-quality products from local providers. I actually shop all over, pulling from multiple sources to find the highest quality I can. For everything else, I shop around for the best products at the best prices, including Costco, Kroger, and Dorothy Lane Market.

Want to see what's on the menu next week?  Click the "view menu" button and check out the pinned post on our Facebook page!  Ready to order?  Tap the "order now" button to tell us what you'd like to serve your family next week!

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