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Busy Bee Real Meals | About | Mission | Philosophy


Busy Bee Real Meals is a personal chef service providing real food, whole food, balanced and healthy meals for busy households and families.



The world needs more healthy and happy people. Busy Bee Real Meals is about encouraging and enabling busy families and households to eat better and feel better, to eat brighter and live lighter.


Food should be real. 

Food should be whole, fresh, organic whenever possible, and local, if possible. 


Food should not wreck your system; food should not take your body on a roller coaster ride. 


Food should be full of fruits & vegetables that provides so much of the nutrients our bodies not only need, but require,  to operate at optimum levels. 

People are BUSY these days; and though I’ve heard it a million times, we just cannot be too “busy” to eat well. 

If you are, then may I respectfully counter with: “I believe you are too busy NOT to eat well.” 


At Busy Bee, we know what it takes to make healthy food amazing.  We take the time to use fresh herbs, to zest fresh citrus, to wash and chop all afternoon, to make dressings, sauces, and vinaigrettes from real whole food items.  We know that this is the difference between boring and happy dance healthy food.  

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