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  • So, how does this work?"
    To determine if Busy Bee is the right fit for you, a phone consultation will be set up at the earliest convenience to go over your interests, needs, and preferences. We will go over the Busy Bee customer profile in detail together, discuss your priorities and how the service works.
  • Should I tell you my preferences or allergies?
    As I set the menu and make any necessary adjustments accordingly, it’s important that you provide any allergies, sensitivities, preferences or dislikes in advance of receiving meals for you and your family. Please note: Busy Bee cannot guarantee that any item/meal is allergen free.
  • How are the meals prepared and stored?
    Ingredients and finished meals are prepared and stored in a commercial kitchen. Delivery or pick up dates, times, and locations will be determined at the time of consultation.
  • Can I change or add to my order?
    If you need to cancel your order, please contact us no later than 5 PM EST on Friday (this is when online ordering closes for the week). Cancellations requested by this time will be issued store credit for the full original order amount.
  • How is food transported?
    Food will be transported in insulated bags to maintain temperature. All meals will be packaged in foil pans or plastic containers (to be disposed of or recycled) then wrapped in plastic for added protection. Heating and serving instructions will be provided for each meal. Mason jars and bags should be saved. These will be picked up with the delivery of your next meal.
  • Why do new customers pay a deposit for mason jars and insulated bags?
    Each new customer that picks up or meets me to pick up their meals/salads will be charged $50 initially to cover the coast of the insulated bags the food is sent home in, as well as mason jars. As long as the jars are returned weekly and bags are returned/brought back to trade out each week, this charge will not be continued. Anytime Busy Bee has to provide another round of insulated bags and mason jars, a $50 charge will be added to your order. Ths charge will simply save Busy Bee the cost of bags and jars that simply disappear each week, in order to avoid an overall price increase. This will not affect those whom I deliver to and leave your meals with you in your home, not requiring a bag to be left behind.
  • Do you charge taxes?
    There is no tax for food items.
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