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I consider myself a home chef and a real food enthusiast. I can’t help but snap pictures of the variety of good food I eat at restaurants to recreate the recipe myself. I pick up cooking magazines all the time (even when I’m tagging along with my husband Mike at Lowe’s) and I’m a major Pinterest fanatic. Along with cooking for numerous families each week, I still enjoy cooking on the weekend! 


When I’m not being a chef at home, you’ll most likely find Mike and I taking our energetic kids Parker and Adrianna out for neat adventures! We even bought an RV just recently and I can’t wait to start creating even more family memories! 

Busy Bee Real Meals | Brandy
Busy Bee Real Meals | Brandy



Eating healthy was not always my first priority in the past. My activities involved various degrees of athleticism; from a runner to bodybuilder, to yoga enthusiast, to chasing the kids and walking the dogs. I never really took food too seriously as long as I fit into my jeans.  


About the time our son was 2, my husband and I watched the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.  Soon after, we became avid juicers and started our transition to the organic lifestyle.  Our family’s health improved and I had a blast learning all kinds of new things about food, shifting from a baker (I can make a mean cheesecake and blondie!) to a cook if you will. And what I found is:  there’s a whole world of food out there that is flavorful and satisfying and yet still healthy and nourishing.  You may not have the time, energy, or desire to explore it…but I do!


As I was a “stay-at-home” mom for a few years, I found that I could cook this “healthy” stuff pretty well.  People even raved about it at birthday parties we hosted!  Then I started cooking meals for the Meal Train at my church and eventually thought: “Hey, I could provide a service like this to families so that more people could feed themselves and their families well, lead healthier and happier lives with better fuel and less stress.”



It's both my passion and my goal to help others be healthier and happier. If my meals and mason jars can help you do that, I consider that a big win! I realize that the older I get, the healthier I need to be to keep up with my kids and to do all the things I want to do with the kind of heart and vitality that I need to do them well. If I can encourage my kids to try new healthy things, more fruits and veggies and all the nutrients they need, well why wouldn’t I? Our world needs more healthy happy people!


As a child that refused to eat vegetables most nights at the dinner table, it’s astounding to me that not only do I love healthy foods of all kinds now, but I love the labor and process or cooking them too. From choosing the perfect, beautiful veggies and spending an afternoon washing and chopping them; preparing 3-4 meals at once in the kitchen; and lastly finally pulling it all together ultimately to deliver to multiple families. If you had told me 20 years ago, or even 10, I would be doing this, well… let’s just say I would laugh and roll my eyes. I’ve come a long way!


Take my word: healthy food is amazing! And I invite you to join me on this journey and see for yourself!

Busy Bee Real Meals | Brandy
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